Meal Planning Hacks for Working Moms

As a working mom, I’m always on a lookout for meal planning hacks and tips. Over the years, I have learned and adapted a few things that make my meal planning more efficient and effective. How will Meal Planning Help You? In general, planning is the very first step of any process. Whether you are […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids – Toys They Will Actually Play With

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids - Toys They wWill Actually Play With

I feel like we are always hearing the commercials for the next hot toy! Especially around this time of the year. And this toy tends to be overpriced and something that will be used for a couple of weeks because kids will get bored with it. My kids have a lot of toys – it […]

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How to Choose a Perfect Gift

With Christmas quickly approaching, I started thinking about gift buying. I want to make sure that I buy things that people actually like and not something they will run to the store to exchange or bury it somewhere deep in their closets never to looked at again. So I started to think back at the […]

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