Best Amazon Finds to Keep Kids Entertained during Quarantine

Keeping kids entertained is something that we are all facing right now. Especially since we are very limited in our choices. We are so use to going to playgrounds, forest preserves, movies, or other types of entertainment outside of our homes that it is a huge change for everyone. Sure, we don’t have to entertain […]

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Kids’ Daily Schedule for Working Moms

Kids’ daily schedule can literally save your sanity when you find yourself working at home while your kids are home from school. And as I’m writing this post, most of us are contained at home for the foreseeable future. I talk about life balance a lot on my blog and YouTube channel. But this is […]

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Find More Family Time as a Working Mom

Family time is a very precious time for all of us. As working moms, we can sometimes experience the infamous mom guilt. And we often say that we wish we had more time to spend with our families. But as busy working moms, how do we find that time? Let’s talk about a few things […]

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How to Overcome Mom Guilt

How to overcome mom guilt

Overcoming mom guilt is something that all moms want. Because if you are a mom – I can guarantee you that you have experienced mom guilt at some point in your life. What is mom guilt all about? Step 1: WHY Do you Feel Mom Guilt? The first step to overcome mom guilt is to […]

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When to Say NO?

When to Say No to Other People

Saying no to someone can be really challenging. Especially if it’s saying no to an opportunity that sounds really great or saying no to a friend of yours who is asking you for a favor. Today we’re going to talk about when we should say no. I know myself that I tend to be a […]

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