Working Out Myths

We all know that working out is good for us. But as busy working moms we don’t often do it. And I think it’s because there are some myths about working out that are stopping us from successfully incorporating workouts into our lives.

So let’s talk about 4 working out myths that we, as working moms, tend to believe and how to address them.

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Staying Healthy as a Busy Working Mom

How to Stay Healthy as a Busy Working Mom

Or is it something that is important in theory, but in reality you don’t pay that much attention to it. Let’s talk about why we need to address heatlh.

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One Mindset Change that Finally Helped Me Lose Weight and Gain Confidence

My weight loss struggle Today I want to share my weight loss story with you. This is a story that has no ending because my journey to a healthier version of has not ended, and it never will. I chose to change my lifestyle instead of going on a short-term diet. I have always been […]

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