Work-Life Balance: Setting Boundaries

Work life balance cannot exist without setting clear boundaries. If they are blurred we will constantly feel overwhelmed and out of balance. But if we spend some time thinking about how we want our balance between work and life to look like, we will be on our way to success. Here are 6 steps to […]

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Work Life Balance – 7 Tips to be More Effective

Work life balance – 7 tips to be more effective at work life balance Work-life balance is something we hear all the time and something we want. Some people say work-life balance is a myth and others say it is totally attainable. I believe it’s somewhere in the middle. I believe it’s something you can […]

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Find More Family Time as a Working Mom

Family time is a very precious time for all of us. As working moms, we can sometimes experience the infamous mom guilt. And we often say that we wish we had more time to spend with our families. But as busy working moms, how do we find that time? Let’s talk about a few things […]

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Working Out Myths

We all know that working out is good for us. But as busy working moms we don’t often do it. And I think it’s because there are some myths about working out that are stopping us from successfully incorporating workouts into our lives.

So let’s talk about 4 working out myths that we, as working moms, tend to believe and how to address them.

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Staying Healthy as a Busy Working Mom

How to Stay Healthy as a Busy Working Mom

Or is it something that is important in theory, but in reality you don’t pay that much attention to it. Let’s talk about why we need to address heatlh.

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