Organization Tips – Working Mom Tricks

Organization tips are something I like to both try out and share with others when I see that they has actually made my household running more smoothly. Let me start by asking you some questions. Are you a person who aspires to be organized but does not know where to start? Or maybe you started […]

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Time Management Tools for a Working Mom

Time Management Tools for Home and Work

As a working mom, time management tools are essential! I’m always trying to figure out the best way to stay on top of things. To make sure that I make it to my appointments on time, to remember all the school events, and to be as efficient and effective with my everyday tasks so I […]

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Family Command Center – Working Mom Must Have

Do you currently have a family command center? I did not even know such thing existed until a couple of years ago. And I was able to get away without it for a while… unit my son went to school. And what came with it was a lot of new responsibilities and thing to remember. […]

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Miracle Morning Routine – Why I Wake up at 4 am

Miracle morning routine has been part of my life for a few months now. Once I started a few months ago, I never looked back. In fact, when I first started it was just workouts and only during the week. And now I wake up at 4am every single morning and have since incorporated all […]

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Personal Growth: 3 Books that Changed My Life

Three Books That Changed My LIfe

Reading personal development books has become part of my life. When I started being intentional with my personal growth last year, I was introduced to a lot of great books. In this blog, I will share my top three picks, as I believe they have helped set the fundamentals of personal development growth for me. […]

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