How to Make New Habits Stick

Making new habits stick is not an easy task. It takes work and time! But there are a few things that we can do to make it easier. I don’t know about you, but I have tried to create various different types of habits over the years. I was very successful with some of them […]

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How to Fix Monday Mindset

Monday mindset is very often not a happy and positive one. Mondays tend to be the least favorite days of the week. The weekend just ended and we have to get back to our regular responsibilities full of work assignments, dinner prep, kid’s homework, and million of other things. But there are definitely some things […]

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Simple Self-Improvement Tips for 2020

Are you looking to work on self-improvement in 2020? We are almost at the end of the year, and this is usually the time when people start to think about their goals for 2020. And it’s normally things like health, fitness, organization and finances. Those are probably the top four. But what we really need […]

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How to Achieve Your Dreams

How to Achieve Any Dream

We all have dreams! Us moms as well. The problem is that once we have kids we either forget about them or they are simply put on the back burner. Mostly because we put all of our energy into our kids and their dreams. In this blog I will tell you about 3 wonderful women […]

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How to Overcome Mom Guilt

How to overcome mom guilt

Overcoming mom guilt is something that all moms want. Because if you are a mom – I can guarantee you that you have experienced mom guilt at some point in your life. What is mom guilt all about? Step 1: WHY Do you Feel Mom Guilt? The first step to overcome mom guilt is to […]

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