Fall Decor Made Simple

Simple and inexpensive fall decor

I love to put touches of fall inside my house. I live in a Chicago area, so this time of year is characterized of beautiful tree colors. But it is also cold, rainy, and sometimes simply dirty and grey. So a little bit of pretty fall colors inside my house is a must.

Simple and inexpensive Fall Decor

I’m one of those people who goes for simplicity and believes that when it comes to decor less is more. So you will only see a few touches of fall decor in our house. I also do it on a minimal budget. Most of my things are from HomeGoods and Dollar Tree. And this is for two reasons. First, I like to find great deals, and these two types of stores great places to find some awesome decor on a small budget. And second, I have two small kids, who think that everything in our house looks like a toy.  So I don’t want to spend too much money on something that has a good chance of being damaged. Buying things at a very reasonable price is just so much less stressful during this stage of my life. And funny enough, none of the decor you see in the pictures was bought this year. Maybe my kids have an expensive taste and don’t like to play with the cheaper items 🙂 Either way, it’s a win-win!

Simple and inexpensive fall decor

There are three main areas that I decorate: entry door, living room/dining room, and kitchen. And that is all on the same floor. I generally don’t decorate our bedrooms, because all we do there right now is sleep. Maybe when the kids are older this will change, but for now, I just don’t see the point.

This is my front door. There also used to be a carved pumpking by the door but while it took me an hour to carve it, it lasted about 30 minutes outside before the neighborhood squirrels destroyed it. Well, lessons learned.

Simple and inexpensive fall decor

The dinning room table only looks this great when kids are not home. Because they use the table for eating, drawing, or just to simply put things on, it rarely looks or even resembles what you see on this image.

Simple and inexpensive fall decor

The living room is decorated with random pumpkins and Dollar Tree decor – again with the kids in mind. This is the room where they play most of the time (even though they do have a dedicated playroom maybe 10 steps away). So the decor is meant to be used as toys.

Simple and inexpensive fall decor

And the kitchen has a few fall touches on the window. this is what I see every time I prep meals or wash dishes, so I wanted something pretty to look at.

Simple and inexpensive fall decor

And tha’s it. Very simple, minimal, and on a small budget. Yet it definitely makes the house feel like fall. Happy Fall Everyone!




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