Welcome to Imperfect Life Balance! 


This blog is a place of encouragement, motivation, and resources to balance our lives in our own imperfect way. 


About me

I started this blog to share tips on how to simplify life and be more efficient in doing day-to-day tasks so we can dedicate more time to follow our passions and realize our dreams.

I’m a mom of a 8-year-old David and 4-year-old Emilia. I have been married to my husband Peter for 9 years and we have been together for 19. I work full-time as an Analyst where I constantly look for improvements in quality and effectiveness of products and processes.

And this is also what I like to do at home. I look for ways to do things better, quicker, and more efficiently. Tasks like cooking, grocery shopping, event planning, and organizing. This allows me to spend less time doing things that I have to do to manage my household and more time enjoying my family and working on my personal goals and dreams. 

I don’t believe in perfection. I think that everyone is leading an imperfect life – we simply cannot be perfect, or even exceptional, in every aspect of our lives. 

I am a strong proponent of personal growth to improve ourselves through balancing our imperfections. 

I love to travel, read mysteries, drink coffee, and anything chocolate 🙂 

I hope I can provide you with some useful resources and motivation to go after your dreams. Because you deserve it!