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Imperfect life does not mean that we should just remain status quo and never look to improve our skills, habits, or life in general. We need to go after our dreams and find a way to accomplish our goals and desires. But we have to understand that we are not chasing perfection! We are simply trying to become better versions of ourselves and we need to do that in our own imperfect way.

What do I mean by that? For example, you want to become healthier. It basically means that you have to change your eating and exercise habits. But there are so many different options available to you to accomplish that goal. Whatever you choose, you need to understand that none of them will perfectly fit into your life. And that is OK. You will most likely go through a few different approaches to learn what works for you and what does not. And once you finally find something that you really like, you will likely need to tweak it a little in order to make it a lifestyle change.

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Let me illustrate my point through my own experience. I have been trying to get healthier and lose the pregnancy weight for over two years trying a few different approaches. Finally last March I found a fitness program and decided to try it. It also came with a nutrition plan, which was basically eating a well-balanced diet, with emphasis on portion control.

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But there was one aspect of it that I could not get past – drinking my coffee black or with a splash of milk. You might think to yourself that I’m insane, but that was a big deal to me. I like my coffee to be light brown (in other words with lots of milk), so a splash of milk was not going to cut it for me. My coffee is always something I look forward to every single morning. But I was determined and gave it a try. And I HATED it. I was getting really aggravated because I wanted to follow the nutrition plan exactly like it was designed. In other words I was trying to be perfect. And here is where a lot of people (including myself in the past) tend to throw in a towel thinking that since they cannot follow this plan 100%’ then that plan is not for them.

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What I did instead was to make it work for me. I loved the workouts that the plan offered and I had no problems with following the nutrition plan with the exception of coffee. So would it really make sense for me to quit? Absolutely not. Instead, I adjusted the plan to meet my needs (ok, my wants)  and started drinking coffee the way I like it. I gave myself a permission to be imperfect!!!

And I am so glad that I did. Because here I am eight months later embracing the new lifestyle (and a much healthier body with 20 pounds less to carry around). And I believe that making it imperfect is what made it work for me.

So don’t look at things as all or nothing. Because in most cases it will just stress you out. Life it too short to be chasing after the non-existing perfection. Be imperfect. Be happy.

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