Walking into 2020 in Faith

Everyone is still in the Christmas spirit and with 2020 right around the corner, let’s talk about how having faith affects your everyday life. Faith Gives You Strength During Challenging Times Let’s start with the one of the greatest ways that faith affects your life – and that is by giving you strength during the […]

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How to Spend LESS Time on Social Media

How to Use Less Social Media

If you ever wonder how can you spend less time on social media – you are probably using it too much. We all use social media. It has completely changed the way we live our lives. It allows us to stay in touch with friends and family and make new connections with people from all […]

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Intentional Living – How to Get Started

When I first heard the term intentional living I was not sure what that even meant. I thought to myself, isn’t that just a normal life? I was truly confused. Then I started my personal development journey and I have heard that term over and over again. All the motivational speakers, successful entrepreneurs, and authors […]

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