Staying Healthy as a Busy Working Mom

How to Stay Healthy as a Busy Working Mom

Or is it something that is important in theory, but in reality you don’t pay that much attention to it. Let’s talk about why we need to address heatlh.

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7 Simple Ways to Self-Care

Self-care is critical to our well being. I think it’s especially important to moms who spend majority of their days taking care of others and often put themselves last on the list. I am a working mom of two young kids, ages 6 and 2. And I have always struggled with dedicating time to self-care […]

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5 Tips to be More Productive

Productivity Tips

As a full-time working mom, I am always looking for ways to be more productive. I want to share five things that have helped me increase my productivity – both at work and at home. 1. Priorities I used to be a person who would have a long to-do list each day. And I worked […]

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