Business Vision Board for 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to think about what is your business goals and the best way to get started is to create a vision board.

A few months back I saw a fellow You Tuber Morgan Law create her own vision board, and I have been thinking about it ever since. And now that I’m starting to set up some goals for 2020, I figured there is no better time than now to get started.

I will share the process and my vision for Imperfect Life Balance, along with some of the 2020 goals that will help me get there.


Think about What Value You Want to Create with Your Business 

Start with thinking about what value you want your business to bring to your customers, clients , and followers. It is so important to start with this step because it will make everything else much more clear for you.

For me, I want Imperfect Life Balance to become a community of working moms who are sharing tips and tricks that help them achieve their own versions of life balance. I want it to be a place that tired and overwhelmed mamas turn to when they need support to find fulfillment. A judgment free zone that is full of help and support. A platform where we lift each other up and get rid of the ‘mom guilt’ words from our vocabulary.

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Step 2

Find Images to Help You Represent the Value

I decided to use the top half of my vision board to represent that value Imperfect Life Balance will bring to working moms.

I used Canva to find all my images. It’s a free site that I used all the time for my business and other household projects. So for me, I specifically looked for a representation of a community of women. That is where the picture with hands came in. I also looked for something to represent the life balance.

business vision board image 1

I chose two images: one with Home and one with a laptop and coffee. Those represent the life at home, that of course includes all kinds of life areas (spiritual, household, family, health, fitness, financial, personal development and community) and the life at work (career and side business).

I wanted pictures that would represent peacefulness and calm. To me, the picture of a coffee that is not made at home and looks like it took some time to prepare represents the fact that we take some time to enjoy the things we love. And not just rushing from one thing to another.

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Step 3

Think about What You Need To Do to Provide that Value

So in this step, I thought about what I need to do in order to be able to provide that value. In other words how am I going to achieve that vision.

This is where I thought about where my business is going. I want Imperfect Life Balance to a library of resources. A place where we provide answers to why, where, when, how, who and what when it comes to creating your own version of life balance. I want to share the most effective techniques for time management and prioritizing your responsibilities because those are the cornerstones of life balance. My vision is to do that by sharing my ideas and how I manage my household on my blog and YouTube channel, by offering fee templates and by creating paid online courses.

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Step 4

Find Images to Represent Your Approach

In step 4, you will need to find more images. This time they will represent what you have decided in the previous step. Therefore, you want to find pictures that will represent the actions and steps you will be taking to accomplish your vision.

You basically search for some terms that are relevant to your vision and see what images resonate with you. I specifically looked for things to illustrate time management, time blocking, schedules, checklists, working woman, online courses, and ideas.

business vision board image 2

You can also make your vision board by cutting things out of the newspapers and magazines. Your vision board can be done by simply printing the complete version from Canva or by printing individual images and cutting them out to create a handmade version. I did that when I was creating my personal vision board last year, so I will link it up here.

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Step 5

Put your Business Vision Board in a Visible Place

Now that you have done all this work it is important to put your vision board where you can actually see it. You want to be able to reference your vision board throughout the day. It should be a resource to you and not something that you do, put in a binder, and forget about for the next few months.

Business vision board

Step 6

Start Creating Specific Goals

Now the final step of creating a vision board is to make it useful. And by that I mean to say that creating a vision board is not enough. You now need to start setting specific goals to make that vision a reality. You need to think about what specific steps you will need to take to make your vision a reality.

And here a great free resource for you to create and track your goals.

pin 2

Why are Vision Boards Helpful?

Vision Boards are something that I have only started last year. I first created my personal one and today I’m sharing my side business that I created last week. But I found it to be a very helpful tool. Here is why:

Visual Cue

As a very visual person, vision board is my constant visual cue of where I’m going and why. I see it every day and it reminds me of what I want my business and life to look like.

Reminder of Your WHY

Two years ago I learned the importance of knowing your why. And a vision board helps to remind me of that. Whenever you are working through a challenge, you can take a look at you vision board to remind yourself of the reason why you’re doing what your’re doing. It really helps you motivated and working.

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Helps You Make Decisions

A vision board is a great tool to help you make your business related decisions. Maybe you have a new partnership offer and you are not sure whether that is a good fit. This is where you can reference to your vision board to see if that partnership fits into your vision.

Keeps You Accountable

Business Vision Board will also help you stay accountable to yourself. Having a vision board will help you define specific goals on how you will achieve that vision.

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Your Turn

Do you have a business vision board? If not, do you plan on making one for 2020? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

business vision board pin

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6 thoughts on “Business Vision Board for 2020

    1. That is awesome! The process of creating it also help med really narrow down my business goals 🙂

  1. I love this Marta! I created something like it when I first started in April-a branding board. I’ve since changed out my branding and it would be good to make a new one. Canva is a great resource to make them!

    1. Awesome! This is such a great example of how well they work. And yes, I love Canva 🙂

  2. I love the concept of using visual prompts to help plan out your vision for the future. Perfect for those who like visual learning. It would be great for kinaesthetic learners too if you used hard copies of the pictures.

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