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If you want to create a deep cleaning routine then you must read those 5 deep cleaning house tips. They have finally helped me create a routine that is fitting into my lifestyle and is sustainable.

While I had most of my daily house routines figured out for a while now, deep cleaning was never one of them. I was always dealing with deep cleaning on an ad-hoc basis. Which basically translates to: I only cleaned something when it started bothering me how dirty it got. So think about dirty windows, baseboards, oven, or under the bed. The problem with doing it that way is that it was creating a lot of mental clutter in my head. Because I would constantly think about what else needs to be clean, and when was the last time I cleaned it, and how did it get so dirty, and so on.

Tip #1: Brain dumb all the tasks on paper

The very first thing we have to do is know what we want to clean. And while there are a lot of templates and lists you will find online, I strongly recommend creating one that is specific to your house.

In my previous blog post Home To-Do List Get Organized I talked about how you should go through my house, opened every single cabinet and drawer and made a list of all the things that we wanted to clean, organize, decorate, or improve. This will basically create a house management to-do list. You don’t want to think about how often you will clean it or how much time it will take. That will come later. At this point all you need to do is write everything down.

Don’t get caught up in the fact that the list might be getting long. It probably will. Instead, think about how much space you will free up in your head. The mental clutter related to all the household chores will be gone.

Tip #2: Decide Which Tasks are Deep Cleaning Tasks

The next deep cleaning house tip is to take a close look at the list you have just created. You want to decide where all the tasks belong. Are these tasks something you want to do on a daily basis? Maybe it bothers you to see little hand prints on your bay window every single day. If that is the case, this task can be incorporated into your daily evening cleaning routine.

You will also find tasks that require your attention just once. For example, there is a drawer in your office desk that has gotten out of control because one day your kids decided its contents were very intriguing toys. This is a type of tasks that you would not do on a weekly basis – if you do, the solution might need to be child proofing the drawer 🙂 But this is a task that would be put on a sticky note as one of the random tasks. I talk about that system in detail in the my video.

Finally, you will find tasks that you want to do on a regular basis as part of your deep cleaning routine. Those would be things like cleaning your baseboards, fridge, light fixtures, and inside of your kitchen cabinets. The list of your deep cleaning tasks will depend on the size of your home and on your preferences.

Tip #3: Create a Deep Cleaning System

One of the most important deep cleaning house tips is to create a deep cleaning system that works for you. When I started thinking about what would work for me, I knew two things right away. I needed something flexible and customizable.

I started doing some research and found some great systems. The two most popular ones are the FlyLady and the Clean Mama systems. And there are some aspects of them that I really liked. But I found them to be too scheduled and restrictive. As a working mom, I needed more flexibility. That is why I decided to draw inspiration from these two amazing ladies but create my own system.

The first thing I decided to do was to decide on how often I want to deep clean in my house. Or how frequently do I need to clean those windows before they get out of control and start bothering me. And for me, that answer was every three months. Which means, my deep cleaning is done on a quarterly routine.

The second thing I decided was to not have a strict schedule where I have specific tasks for each day, week, or even month. I want to be able to choose what task I do and when I do it. I basically created a list of all the things that I want to have deep cleaned on a quarterly basis and I check it off as I clean it. Below is an example of my deep cleaning list – yours might look totally differently 🙂

Cleaning System

Tip #4: Make it Easy to Follow

The next tip is to make the system you create easy to follow. You want to keep it simple and easy to recreate every quarter. It will take you some time to create it the very first time (right now :)) but next quarter should involve very minimal (if any) planning. The only thing that you would do is make adjustments based on on what you have learned the first time around.

Here is what I suggest, because it has been working so well for me.

Take the list of tasks that you have created for your deep cleaning routine and organize them into categories. You can divide them into cleaning areas (or cleaning zones as the Fly Lady calls them).

For example, your areas could be kitchen, bathroom, living area, master bedroom, kids bedrooms, office, dining room, play room. I also have a category that I call ‘whole house’ for things like baseboards and windows, which can be cleaned all at once versus individually in each room. You can also end up with things in their own category like: washing seasonal shoes and cleaning your junk drawer.

And make sure you leave some space to add anything you might have forgotten about. The idea is that you want to create this list once instead of rewriting it every quarter.

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Tip #5: Make it Completely Flexible and Customized

The last, but definitely not least deep cleaning house tip I have for you is to make sure that the deep cleaning system is flexible and customized to fit your needs.

And this is why I really like the system I have described here. Everyone gets to create their own list. If your house is bigger, you will have more rooms and areas to clean. Also, this is a running to do list. You cross the tasks off as you go. There are no days and times assigned for anything. You get to have a choice. You can spend one weekend tackling everything on the list and be done for the next few months if I want to. Or you can dedicate a couple hours each Saturday. Or you can incorporate some of those things as you do your daily cleaning routine. For example, on a day that you clean your kitchen, you can decide to spend a few extra minutes and deep clean your microwave.

The order in which you do tasks is also completely up to you! For me, I am starting with things that drive me crazy. I want to tackle those first, and then concentrate on things that are less dirty or cluttered. You can also go room by room. Again, do what feels right for you.

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And what if you don’t get something done that quarter? Well nothing really. You can always start with that area next quarter to make sure it gets done.

Again – we are going for some structure. Which is why we created a deep cleaning list. But we are also going for a lot of flexibility on how and when you do them. And you can also assign some of those tasks for your family members. You can also hand off those tasks to a cleaning service if you want one. This is just a way to get your cleaning system organized. How you do it is completely up to you.

How It All Fits Together

Now you have the three components of the cleaning system: daily routines, deep cleaning routine, and a way to manage your house to-do list of random tasks. It is finally time to implement it. I will be sharing my journey and how I am implementing all those routines and systems into my life in the upcoming videos on you YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe (completely free) and follow me along. I will be sharing my routines and how I incorporate this house management system in my house.

Let’s get our houses in order!

Your Turn

Let me know if you find structure restrictive or helpful? Or are you like me and like some structure but with flexibility. What works best for you?

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  1. Domestic cleaners can do as much or as little as you need. You can have them dust and wipe down surfaces, complete deeper cleaning on your kitchen, sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpeting, and clean bathrooms. All of these types of cleaning tasks can be done be professionals well in a very timely manner. Often what would have taken you all week to get done because of interruptions and distractions can be completed in a few short hours or less by professionals.

    1. Absolutely. Hiring someone to help out with cleaning of your house is another great option! Like you said you can pick and choose what cleaning tasks you want them to do and which ones you prefer to do yourself.

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