Evening Routine of a Working Mom

Having an evening routine as a working mom has been such a great strategy to implement. I don’t know about you, but in my household, evenings tend to get a little crazy and chaotic. We get back from work, school, and daycare and there are a lot of things to handle in the next few hours, like dinner, bath time, and homework. So adding some structure to my evenings make all difference.

Make sure you keep reading till the end because I will share a link to a fellow blogger and YouTuber who also shares her evening routine!

Why Evening Routine?

Having an evening routine helps me be organized and productive. And it also helps me be more productive the next day. Because I use my evenings to complete as many tasks as I can so I don’t have to do them in the morning.

Mornings come with a time constraint. You always have some sort of cutoff time like leaving for work or school. So any decision-making that I need to make, I prefer to do it at night so I don’t have to stress about it in the morning.

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So let’s dive here. Here is what I do as a working mom to help me have calmer and more productive evenings.

Kitchen Clean-up

I start my evening routine with cleaning up my kitchen as soon as we are done eating. I put any leftovers away, wash the dishes, clean up my stove top, and wipe down the counters. Those are my four tasks for the kitchen. At the end of the night my husband will turn on the dishwasher and empty it out before he goes to sleep.

I like to start with the kitchen because this task is the most time-consuming task of my evening so I like to get it out of the way. And having a clean kitchen really makes a difference on how the rest of the evening is running.

And the last thing that I want is to wake up in the morning to a kitchen full of dirty dishes. That is just not the way that I want to start my day.

Kids Bath Time and a Little Me-Time

Once the kitchen is clean, it’s time for my kids to take their baths/showers. My 3 year-old daughter is taking baths.. long baths I should add. She basically loves to play in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes. Since she is completely content by playing by herself and really wants nothing to do with me at that time I use that time to do something for myself.

Since I still have to be next to her for safety reasons, I grab a personal development book and enjoy some me-time. It’s a win-win. She gets to play and I get to learn something new.

I’m currently reading those two (yes, I’m one of those people who reads a few books at the same time :))

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Checking Schedule for the Next Day

The next thing that I do as part of my evening routine is to look at my schedule to see what is going on in my day.

  • Do I have any appointments?
  • Are there any errands that I need to run during lunch time?
  • Is there anything happening at my son’s school or my daughter’s daycare?

And if the answer is ‘yes’ I make sure that I prepare anything that I might need. For example, if I have a medical appointment with my kids, I make sure that I put any paperwork that I might need in my purse right away.

That way I don’t have to run around in the morning looking for things. Because we all know that finding things is so much harder in the early hours of the day – especially when you are trying to get out of the door πŸ˜‰

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Check the Meal Plan

I also check my menu for the next day. I plan my meals on the weekend, so in the evenings I simply check if I need to do any preparation. So things like taking out meat from the freezer to defrost or setting up my slow cooker. And yes, I have to put my slow cooker on the kitchen countertop in the evenings – otherwise I am very likely to forget about it the morning. It has happen in the past that I realized it’s my slow-cooker meal about an hour before dinner time. Which means I had to cook something else πŸ™‚

Evening Routine of a Working Mom
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I will also make sure that my son’s lunch box and water bottle and washed and ready to go for the morning lunch prep.

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Backpack Check

This is the time when I check if there everything that he needs as far as school forms, paperwork, and homework is in his backpack. This is also the time when he does his homework.

Clothes – My Evening Routine Absolute Essential!Β 

I cannot stress enough how much this step of my evening routine is making my life easier! We pick out our clothes the night before. I involve my kids, which eliminates any morning fights that this is not what they wanted to wear.

For myself, I prepare two sets of cloths: the outfit I will be wearing the next day and the my workout clothes.

We hang our clothes on the dining room chairs. Maybe it does not look the prettiest, but this is where my kids get dressed. So when they are done with their breakfast in the morning, they grab their clothes and get dressed.

It makes such a difference! When I used to pick our clothes in the mornings, it was just such a stressful experience. I could not decide what I wanted to wear and kids kept arguing with me about their outfits as well.

Now, it’s a very peaceful process πŸ™‚

Workout Equipment

Because I do my workouts first thing in the morning, I like to plan what workout I will do in the evening prior. This allows me to prepare any equipment, such as free weights, resistance looks, and mat ahead of time. That way when I come downstairs in the morning, I already have my workout clothes and equipment ready to go. So I really have no excuse not to workout πŸ™‚

Kids Bedtime and Work Time

This is the time when I put my daughter to sleep. She is 3 and very much prefers for me to sit with her until she falls asleep. And I do. The problem is that it takes her about an hour to fall asleep. I used to watch a show during that time. But when I started this blog and later my YouTube channel, I decided to dedicate that time to do some work.

So I take my laptop to her bedroom and while she is trying to fall asleep, I work. This is one of those gaps of time I was able to find in my day to work on my goals. It is amazing what I can accomplish during that hour in the evening!


This is the end of my evening and it’s time to relax. I did not mention this in this post yet, but we do a lot of reading in our house. I read a few books to both of my kids before they go to sleep. And reading is also the very last step of my evening routine. This is the best way for me to relax before I fall asleep.

I usually read my Kindle in bed and my choice is usually a good Mystery. I tried reading a personal development book in the past, but I learned that this late in the day my brain does not absorb information as well πŸ˜‰ Plus, it’s not as relaxing as reading something fun.

Want Another Point of View?

Like I said at the beginning of this blog, I have collaborated with another blogger and YouTuber at Red Hot Mindset to provide you two different views on an evening routine.Β  Her name is Gabe Cox and she is a mental training coach who creates videos about mindset and success with a touch of running.

Make sure you check out Gabe’s Evening Routine!

Your Turn!

What is one thing that you absolutely have to do in the evenings in order to have a better morning?

Evening Routine of a Working Mom

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12 thoughts on “Evening Routine of a Working Mom

    1. It sure is! Some days it works out great, some days it’s a struggle. But for us, having an evening routine is something that definitely helps πŸ™‚

    1. Yes! It’s the same for us. Preparing our clothes for the next day is an absolute must πŸ™‚

  1. I’d love to be this organised but I can’t see it ever happening! I tend to just want to stare at the tv by the time evening comes around!

    1. TV is always tempting. But I have learned the hard way that if I don’t do certain things in the evening, I am running all over the place in the morning – and I don’t like to be rushed πŸ˜‰

  2. We don’t have to be too strict with routine at the moment (outside of kids dinner, bath and bed times). But I know I’ll have to get better when my eldest starts school in September… Sure I’ll never be as organised as you, though!

    1. We are definitely more laid back during summer break 😁 but during school year I need some more structure to stay saneπŸ˜‚

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