Practical Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

Does a practical cleaning schedule for working moms exist? Yes! Because we are all different, it will take some time to create and make it work for each family and each household. But, once you create it – you will wonder how you were able to function at all before it.

Some of the cleaning schedules that I have seen seem too over the top and it made it look like all I would do after work is clean. And it did not sound appealing. This is why I was doing all my house cleaning on Saturdays. And it has been working great. But I found myself wondering – could this be better?

Since we are in quarantine (can you believe it has been over 2 months already?), I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to try a new cleaning schedule.

Especially, since I wanted to try out a method of daily cleaning routine with no weekends. I always thought this would not work for me. After all I am a working mom – I don’t have time in the evenings for cleaning. But since almost all of the after school activities have been cancelled, I decided to give it a try. That way, if I like it, it will become so routine for me after our lives go back to normal (they will, right?).

So here is a realistic cleaning schedule for working moms that I have been using for the past couple of months that I absolutely love. Grab your Free Cleaning Schedule Printable!


Let’s quickly go over some key concepts and rules of this daily cleaning routine

  1. This is a surface cleaning routine and not a deep cleaning routine.
  2. The idea is to spend about 15 to 20 minutes each day on all cleaning activities. The exception is Friday where it will likely take you about 40 minutes.
  3. The chores for each day can be moved around to fit your needs. Just because I like to clean my bathrooms and floors on Friday night, it does not mean that you have to as well.
  4. You might need to adjust the time you spend on cleaning tasks each day depending on the size of your house. For comparison purposes, my house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, office, kitchen, and a playroom.
  5. Weekends are designed to be a day off from daily cleaning activities or a day that you can use to catch up on anything that you did not get to that week. Because we know life happens! No cleaning routine is going to work for you if it does not allow you some flexibility.
  6. Involve your family members in helping with household chores (blog on that coming soon). You do not have to do everything yourself.
  7. This routine will probably be adjusted from time to time. As your schedule changes, kids get older and can help out more, you can make small changes to further improve your cleaning routine.
  8. You might also add to the cleaning chores each day depending on what areas in each room need cleaning. For example, if you have pets, there might be a spot that they like to sit in each day that requires some extra cleaning.
  9. If you find yourself spending a lot of time cleaning each area of your house – you might have a problem of having too many things and decluttering might be your long term solution.
  10. This cleaning schedule is not a golden rule. Think of this cleaning schedule as a baseline or a template that you get to make your own. Try it out and add your own spin it! Make it YOUR CLEANING ROUTINE



After the weekend, I like to start my week easy πŸ™‚ This is why my Mondays are for cleaning the office and any paperwork that I have accumulated over the past week. The cleaning itself involved dusting, picking up any clutter laying around, and cleaning all surfaces like desk, window, and side table.

As far as paperwork is concerned, I like to basically go through my pile of papers and sort them out. Anything that needs action will go to my daily or weekly folder. And everything else will be either field away or thrown away.

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Next day is for the bedrooms. This is where I will dust and clean all surfaces in our bedrooms. And we have three of them. I will tell you that it does not take me long at all. The reason for that is that our bedrooms are fairly clutter free. My kids, who are 4 and 7 have a few toys and books in their rooms as most of their stuff is currently in the playroom. And our master bedroom have even less things. We went for a very minimalistic look – we truly got rid of a lot of knickknacks a couple of years ago and that cut down the dusting time by a LOT!

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Wednesday is the day where I clean my main living area. That includes our living room, dining room, and the kitchen island. This is where we spend majority of our days. Especially now when we are in quarantine. And that means two people working full time from home, one child doing remote learning, and one child playing all day long πŸ™‚

This day is where I dust, clean surfaces, collect any clutter always finds its way to the living space, make sure that all the blankets are folded, and remotes are disinfected. I also clean the inside of my living room window – finger printed as well as forehead prints can be found there quite often πŸ˜‰

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You cannot have a practical cleaning routine for a working mom without a day dedicated to the kitchen! And for me, that is Thursday. I chose this day because we usually get our groceries on Fridays. This way I can make sure that my fridge is clean and that I get rid of any expired or unusable items. This also gives me an opportunity to take an inventory of my fridge and pantry (check out my Pantry Organization Tips ) to see if I need to get anything to my grocery list.

Kitchen cleaning involves wiping down the hood, oven, and microwave, and spot cleaning my cabinets. I also wipe down my stainless steel appliances, all counter tops, and give my sink a really good scrub.

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The last day of my cleaning routine! And that day is when I do most of my cleaning. I clean the main bathroom and take care of all the floors. I do that purposely because I really enjoy freshly clean bathroom and floors on the weekends. Weekends are when I enjoy my bath – which is why I want it to be freshly cleaned.

And also, weekends are when we usually have company – or at least we used to before we were quarantined πŸ™

Therefore, Fridays are cleaning heavier days for me – but that is totally by choice. You can move the bathroom or floor cleaning to another day if you prefer to have your Friday evenings less cleaning intensive πŸ˜‰

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Saturdays and Sundays are designed to be days free of daily cleaning tasks. However, you can also use your weekends to catch up on things or to do a deep cleaning of one area of the house. I also like to use my weekends to work on specific projects around the house.

This cleaning schedule is meant to have some flexibility built into it. Because we all know that as working moms, our weeks are not the same. Some weeks might be so crazy with work that we don’t have time to complete some of the daily cleaning tasks. And we will have to catch up on the weekends.


How does your cleaning schedule look like right now? Do you have one? If not, what is stopping you from trying one out?

Cleaning Routine for Working Moms

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