Life and home management binder for moms

If you are looking to get more organized in 2021 than a life and home management binder will help you get on the right track. It is a tool that will help you keep all important parts of your life in one spot, increase your productivity, and make running your household more efficient and effective.

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What is Home Management Binder

Think of a home management binder as your personalized manual on how run your life and household. It is a physical binder that holds all the important information about different routines, systems, important house maintenance, and other life and house related checklists and documents.

Why Do I Need House Management Binder

Having a home management binder has many benefits. If you find yourself constantly looking for things in your house or have a hard time managing different aspects of your everyday life, home management binder will help you address those problems. The life and home management binder will:

  • help you organize your home
  • keep track of household routines
  • serve as one spot shop for how to run your household
  • become a place to find important home and life goals and priorities
  • be a reference manual for all family members
  • keep track of key house maintenance reminders

What Should Be in a Home Management Binder?

The beauty of a life and home management binder is that you get to make it your own. You can put as little and as many categories in it as you wish. The idea is to make it helpful and something that you actually use to help run your household in a more efficient way.

Cleaning Routines and Chores

  • Daily Cleaning Routine
  • Weekly Cleaning Routine
  • Deep Cleaning Routine
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Pre-Holiday Cleaning Checklist
  • Kids Chore List
  • Cleaning Hacks
  • Declutter Checklist
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Home Routines

  • Morning Routine
  • Evening Routine
  • Laundry Routine
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Time Management

  • To-Do Lists Templates
  • Project Planner
  • Goal Planner
  • Goal Tracker
  • Habit Tracker

Meal Planning

  • Meal Planning Printable
  • Grocery List Printable
  • Pantry Inventory List
  • Fridge Inventory List
  • Freezer Inventory List
  • List of Favorite Cookbooks or Websites with Recipes
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  • Financial Goals
  • Debt Payoff Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Special Purchase Tracker
  • Budget Plan
  • List of Things to Save For
  • List of Banks and Account (without passwords)
  • Accountant Information
  • Tax Return Checklist

Important Information

  • List of Expiration Dates of Important Documents (Passports, Drivers Licenses)
  • Information for a Babysitter (important reminders and contact information)
  • In Case of Emergency Contacts

Holidays Checklist

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House Maintenance

  • Supplier Contact Information (gas, water, electricity)
  • Contact Information for Handyman or Tradespeople
  • Running House Maintenance List (when was something fixed/replaced)
  • List of Large Appliances (Models and Years of Purchase – Fridge, Oven, Washer, Dryer)
  • List of Replacement Dates (batteries in Fire Alarms, Water Filter, Air Filter)
  • Important City Requirements and Dates (garbage pick up date, Special Items Recycle dates/collection points,
  • Car Maintenance


  • Family Members Health Information
  • Annual Health Appointment Tracker
  • Back to School Checklist
  • Birthday Planner
  • Gift Wish List/Ideas
  • House Party Planner
  • Pet Information
  • Emergency Contact List

Major Family and Self Life Goals

  • Family Annual Goals
  • Family Values
  • Journal Prompts
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Prayer Journal
  • Family Rules
  • Life Balance Workbook
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  • Important Allergies and Food Sensitivities
  • Gift Wish List/Ideas
  • Contact Information
  • Birthday Calendar


  • Vacation Planning Checklist
  • List of Favorite Hotels/Car Rentals (plus membership information)
  • List of Must Have Items
  • Vacation Packing checklist
  • Vacation Budget Calculations

Bucket Lists

  • Seasonal Family Bucket List
  • Restaurants Bucket List
  • Travel Bucket List
  • Places to Visit with Kids Bucket List
  • Experiences Bucket List

Home Improvement List

  • Home Decorations Wish List
  • House Renovations
  • Home Organization Projects

How to Create your Home Management Binder

Now that you have a list of things you can put in your binder (remember – pick only the ones that are applicable to you and find useful!) it’s time to create your home and life management binder.

Binder Supplies

The three basic supplies are the binder, binder dividers, and protective sheets. It’s that easy! Personalize your binder by choosing the color of binder that best suits your personality. In addition, if you choose a binder with a clean pocket on the outside, you can print a fun front page design and insert it to give it some extra personalization.

Divide your Binder into Categories

You want to make sure that your binders is organized in a way that it’s easy to find things when you need them. The best way to organize your home binder is to do so by categories.

You can use the categories described above or make up your own that are better suited to your family’s lifestyle. This is where those binder dividers come really handy. To use them, you can either write your categories with a pen or print them using a label maker.

Assemble with Printables, Templates, and Worksheets

The final step is the fun part! Now you get you assemble your home and life management binder. There is a variety of different printables and templates that you can find online, or you can create your own!

If you are just starting out, you can start slowly. Populate your binder as you go. For example, if you have an established cleaning routine, start with creating those printables. Or if you really want to start keeping track of your home maintenance information, start populating that date into a template.

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