Miracle Morning Routine – Why I Wake up at 4 am

Miracle morning routine has been part of my life for over a year now and it made a huge impact on my productivity throughout the day. If you have not heard about the miracle morning or are wondering how you can make incorporate it into your life as a working mom, I will walk you through all the steps. Miracle morning is a daily routine to help you accomplish your goals and stay focused, intentional, and productive all day.

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What is a Miracle Morning Routine?

Miracle Morning is a concept that I have learned from Hal Elrod in his book The Miracle Morning. The basic concept is that you wake up an hour early than you have to and dedicate that time to yourself and your personal growth.

As a working mom, you might think – why would I want to wake up an hour before I absolutely have to? Especially, if you are not a morning person. And if I am being totally honest, I was very skeptical at first.

However, I have learned that starting the day by doing thing for yourself is a game changer. Drinking your coffee by yourself in the morning is something that will automatically put you in a better mood. But if you add SAVERS, the miracle morning components, to it – you will see a big shift in how you handle your day and all the responsibilities that are on your plate.

What does SAVERS stand for in a Morning Routine?

SAVERS are the six components of the miracle morning routine. Elrod is recommending dedicating 10 minutes to each component each morning. Here is an easy breakdown of those components.

S is for Silence – silence is time you will spend either praying, meditating, or just being still and silent

A is for Affirmations – affirmations is the things you say to yourself to help you believe in yourself and be confident in the actions you take and decisions you make

V is for Visualization – visualization is the time you spend on thinking about your goals, steps to get there, and how will you feel when you accomplish them

E is for Exercise – exercise is pretty self explanatory πŸ™‚ it’s the time to move your body

R is for Reading – reading time is when you grab a personal development book and learn something about yourself

S is for Scribing – scribing includes either writing or journaling

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Miracle Morning as a Working Mom 

Now that you know what the miracle morning is, I want to share with you an example of how one might look like for a working mom. I will take you through my morning routine but I want you to keep something in mind. While my morning routine incorporates all those steps, the order in which I do them is different, and so is the time dedicate to each activity. I basically took the miracle morning routine and made it my own to make sure that it fits my lifestyle.

And this is totally what I suggest you do as well. Use the miracle morning components as your baseline and make it your own.

Wake-up Time

I originally was waking up at 4 am, when I started my morning routine almost two years ago. But because I start my work an hour earlier now, which is why I pushed my wake up time to 3:30am. This is probably a bit extreme to many of you, but you definitely do not have to wake up that early to make miracle morning part of your daily routine.


I start my morning routine with my workout. To make sure that I don’t procrastinate, I set my workout clothes and any equipment I might need as part of the evening routine. That way when I get downstairs in the morning everything is ready for me. I typically do 30 to 40 minutes workout sessions – I use Beachbody On Demand for all my at home workouts (I’m not affiliated with them but I truly enjoy their programs).

Right way, you can see that this is much longer that the recommended 10 minutes for each component. However, morning time is the only time I can do my workout at, so it make sense to incorporate it into my miracle morning routine.


What I first stated the miracle morning routine, I did a few minutes of meditation. However, after a while, I changed to to prayer. It as a few minutes each morning to have some quiet time with God. It will allow you to start a day with a positive mindset.


The next step of my miracle morning routine is reading.

What I do is make myself some coffee and read. I usually read the Bible and either a personal development book or a devotional. Right now I’m working through Living True by Christy Wright. I probably spend about 10 minutes on this activity. So not very long, but I find it very helpful to have those few minutes dedicated to learning something new.


And then comes journaling. I spend about 5 to 10 minutes to write about any decision I have to make where I’m not sure what approach to take. Or when I’m working through some personal struggle, I use journaling to help me figure out a solution. Or sometimes I write what has happened a day before to work through my feelings.

I have found that writing about these things makes it easier for me to go through my thought process and make the decision.


After my writing, I move into the Visualization step. For this part of my morning routine I implemented the technique recommended by Rachel Hollis. I use a small notebook to write down 10 goals and 5 things I’m thankful for. The 10 goals are written down in a way as if I have already accomplished them. So if my goal was to run a marathon, I would be writing: I am a marathon runner.

As I am writing my goals, I visualize exactly what steps I need to take to help me accomplish them as well as how it will make me feel to have reach those goals. It is a very powerful exercise as it help see the end result and also sets my mindset for the day with those goals in mind.

Over the past few months, I have started reading my goals instead of writing them each morning. Why? Because it saves me a few minutes.


And finally, the affirmation step. What I have done for this step, is that I have used Google and Pinterest to help you find affirmations that are most relevant and helpful to me. Then I created a list of those affirmations to be able to remind myself of them every single morning. Those are the things that I very specific to me and the things I’m working on my personal growth journey. I simply read the affirmation during this time.

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Benefits of the Miracle Morning Routine

There a so many benefits of a miracle morning routine! And if you read the Miracle Morning book, you will find some great examples of people from all walks of life that have found this routine life changing. For me, I see three main benefits:

Me Time

This is the only time during the day that I get to myself. As working mom I either tend to my kids, do household chores, or fulfilling responsibilities of my day job. So having that time to myself, where I can actually collect my thoughts without being interrupted by the thousands of questions or requests is a true blessing to me. Those early mornings are sacred to me.

Having some time each day for me time allows to better balance your life and responsibilities because you are not ignoring the person in the center of it all – YOU!

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Getting up before everyone does allows me to get my workout done. I have learned over the years that the only way for me to make sure that I get my workout done for the day is to do it first think in the morning. If I leave it for lunch time or evening hours, I will likely choose some other task to complete over exercising.

Being Intentional with Your Time

I has been life changing for me to dedicate some time each morning to think about my goals and dreams. Thinking about them first thing in the morning sets my mindset on things that are important to me and allows me to set some specific tasks each day to get me closer to reaching my goals.

If you don’t set my expectations first thing in the morning, you are more likely to get derailed by other tasks and responsibilities that get thrown your way.

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Don’t Have an Hour to Spare in the Morning?

How does your morning routine look like? Does it involve at least a few minutes to yourself?

If you are currently in a situation where you cannot dedicate one hour in the morning to personal growth, don’t get discouraged. Use whatever time you have and make it your own. Head over to Hal Elrod website and learn how you can use his miracle morning routine in just 6 MINUTES!

Miracle Morning - Why I wake Up at 4 am Every Morning

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22 thoughts on “Miracle Morning Routine – Why I Wake up at 4 am

  1. This is a really interesting concept and as a new mum I can see that carving out time for yourself like this is how to ensure you do get that time!

    (P.s. I think there’s a typo where you’ve used “medicate” instead of “meditate”)!

    1. Yes, it is so critical for our well being. And thank you for the catch! Apparently my spell checker thinks I need more medication not meditation πŸ˜‰

  2. Ohhh I love this. I’ve got the Miracle Morning book, and love the concept. But I often find it hard to incorporate into my mornings.

    If I were to get up at 5am, I’d have more time. For my miracle morning, I’m up at 6am at the mo. What time do you go to bed? X

    1. I know exactly where you’re coming from. I started with 5 am during the weekdays and now I’m up at 4 every day πŸ™‚ I would say just do what feels comfortable for you. Everyone’s situation is different and in my opinion, any time we get to ourselves in the morning is a win! I usually go to sleep between 9:30pm and 10pm. I wish I could go at 9 but at the moment my kids won’t allow that to happen πŸ˜‰

    1. It really is! But I find it so hard to sit still πŸ™‚ Meditation is very new to me but I am learning to slow down a little.

  3. 4am starts! Well done you! Not for me I don’t think, I love my bed too much! X

    1. Haha! yes, it’s not for everyone πŸ™‚ My husband is a night owl and he too loves our bed way to much in the morning to get up early πŸ˜‰

    1. You made me laught out loud πŸ™‚ I’m definately the morning person. I could never, ever stay up very late. My brain does not function late at night πŸ˜‰

    1. I so feel your pain! I only started with my early morning routine when my daughter was about 2 and a half. Both my kids took over two years to learn how to sleep throught the night! I would say they are mostly successful right now, but they do still often wonder into our bed at some point at night πŸ˜‰

  4. I’ve found the miracle morning concept is really good for certain types of things, such as writing a book when I need to find time while I’m rested to churn out well-thought out quantity. However, if I need to tap into the creative side of the brain such as with video or photo editing, that’s better done later at night. (for me, anyway as I’m a natural night owl.) If I’m getting up early, I crash by then so it doesn’t work. Daniel Pink has some great stuff out there on the best time of day to do certain things.

  5. Another 4 am waker here!! I think it’s so great that you have fell in love with your morning routine. You get so much done for yourself before the kids wake up! It sounds like you have a really peaceful and motivating start to your day. I also love waking up at 4 am so much that I do it every single day.

    1. This is exactly how I feel! At the beginning I used to only do it Monday through Friday but I love it so much that I do it on the weekends as well. It’s just so awesome to wake up and start they day doing what you want to do. I’m glad you’re enjoying the crazy for some people 4 am wake up time πŸ™‚

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